Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey! Im Back!

Hello peoples of the world!!!!
First off, i want to say Happy Birthday to my Great friend Emily Grace!!!!!!!
She is the awesomeness friend IN THE WORLD! and anyone who has her as a friend knows that.
well, guess what everybody???? ITS FALL! in Louisville the leaves are changing, the air smells like
fall(whatever that smells like) and its getting very cold. Fall is my favorite season!
Also with fall, there are dance competitions ,and alot of them...
Last weekend was Jamfest! at slugger field. It was pretty cold. we won first place and the spirit
award! My little sister ,Grace(and her team), won first in both of their dances!
Anyways......uh idk what anyways is. Umm... let me think.....idk. Oh yea i think i have a video of our dance! click on the post under the video, i thick it might work it is:

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